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Why Clario Is Not Raising Our List Price in 2018

image (14).png The picture is the view out of my window at Clario.
 For those of you who do not know what these are, they are the   “Amazon Spheres”. Being this close to Amazon HQ has its   perks, like lots of food trucks, free bananas (they give them out   to everyone walking by), and 2 hour delivery of ANYTHING your  heart desires.

Downsides include long lines for lunch on “bring your parents to work day”, traffic, and so much construction that I don’t even hear the jackhammers anymore.
The biggest benefit, however, is actually something more subtle. We get influenced by the culture.  One of Jeff Bezo’s most famous quotes is, “Your margin is my opportunity”. Amazon is relentless in it’s quest to enter markets and charge LESS than everyone else.  All the while, providing the best customer experience. In today’s economy, it is what radiology practices need to do, and (in our opinion) it is what software companies selling to radiology need to do.
It has been a long road getting Clario to profitability and building the worlds best radiology workflow system. The ROI for our software is outstanding, but that does not mean we should raise prices. It means we have done a good job making a cost-effective solution in a niche software market. We will continue to try to improve the ROI for our customers in any way we can, including keeping our prices down. And, for those of you who are existing Clario customers, your prices will also not increase in 2018.
-Chris Wood, CEO

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