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A Patient Care Centered Vision for Radiology Templates


Despite growing data showing the value of structured reporting (well summarized in a recent article in Academic Radiology), adoption is low. A survey of 265 academic radiologists from the US found […]
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Clario's VR - An Entirely New Approach


Clario started selling workflow solutions to radiology practices in 2008. In the years that followed, we listened to customers as they gave us insight into how to build the best workflow product […]

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Now for Something Different


Instead of writing another blog about AI, Radiologist Burnout or Consolidation (don't stop reading just yet!), I wanted to write about what we work on every day at Clario, optimizing workflow. […]
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How to Eliminate Cherry Picking


It is well known that eliminating cherry picking of exams will reduce turnaround times, increase efficiency, and ease strained relationships between radiologists. In the 10 years we have been […]

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AI in Radiology Will Only Happen if Practices Lead


The key to making AI work in radiology is not technology or corporations or even the FDA, it’s having the right leadership in place at the practice level, and without that, AI will never properly […]

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Thinking Big - How Linqed Workflow Can Help Make Your Merger Work


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Taming Decision Fatigue in Radiology Practices


Fatigue introduced by long or overnight shifts is well understood by radiologists, with recent studies quantifying the effects. Decision fatigue is different. Decision fatigue is not a physical […]

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Optimizing The Radiology Practice by Employing Systems Thinking


"I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when looked at in the right way, did not become still more complicated." - Poul Anderson

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Introducing Clario's New Feature: Linqed Workflow


This year we are introducing a new feature called “Linqed Workflow” which allows Clario customers to share worklists with each other.  This was driven by the number of practices that may not be […]

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Top 100 Radiology Practices Have Been Released. What Does That Mean for Clario?


For 10 years now, Radiology Business has published the Top 100 radiology private practices in the United States, and each year Clario counts how many customers we have on the list.

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