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optimize workflow - Aug 2018 blog
Instead of writing another blog about AI, Radiologist Burnout or Consolidation (don't stop reading just yet!), I wanted to write about what we work on every day at Clario, optimizing workflow. Developing a well run workflow for a radiology group is complicated and many aspects are taken into account. Sometimes we have to start from scratch and sometimes we have to rework an existing workflow, but no matter what the job is, we ALWAYS have to do the following to in order to optimize a workflow. 
Consider each radiologist. It depends upon who they are, where they are working, how busy the practice is, time of day, service level agreements, and a host of other factors.    

Continually refine and adapt to changes.  We have yet to see a radiology practice that is not subject to frequent change. 
Think outside the box. Developing an ideal workflow is a creative process as much as a data-driven process. Smart worklists' for radiology are still evolving. The vast majority of our time is spent working on solutions, not keeping up with competitors.
Learning from the past. Optimizing a workflow goes much better when you know what has worked well for others. Our customer success team has worked with over 30 practices. The team meets for 2-hours each day to collectively solve problems for customers. This is where information gets shared and ideas get vetted.
I will end with this one...
Optimizing workflow is not about solving one problem in one way. You can't just say (as some big PACS vendors like to say), "Oh... a smart worklist, yea we will have that in our next release."  It takes time and a collection of features, all working together, managed by an experienced team, to make it happen.

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