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Is Your Radiology Practice Ready to Drop Some Mics?

Mic drop 800x400.png

One of the worst (if not the worst) workflow issue we come across is switching between reporting systems. In some cases, it is impractical or impossible to switch when reading. The result is completely siloed practices and bad workflow. This problem is caused by running the voice recognition application on the client computer.

This problem is caused by running multiple VR applications on the workstation. VR applications running simultaneously will compete for control of the microphone. Switching between different applications can require complete logout before opening another application. The solution? Run your VR in the cloud.

While others have tried to build cloud-based VR systems in the past, the market was not ready and the technology was cumbersome. Two things have changed.
1. The W3C announced that new browsers should support audio streaming as part of HTML5.
2. VR simply continues to get better and better.

Today, by installing a modern version of IE, Firefox or Chrome on your computer, you have everything installed needed to grab audio and stream it to the cloud for translation. Vendors with state of the art VR technology (such as Nuance) are offering access to their VR solutions via these audio stream connections.

If you are a practice that is using multiple VR systems to dictate reports there is a good chance your radiology workflow is not running as efficiently as it could, which ultimately means your practice is not running as efficiently as it could. Look into all VR options available. You may be surprised to find that instead of adding more microphones as your practice grows, you really just need to begin to drop some mics.


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