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Introducing Clario's New Feature: Linqed Workflow

clario_icon_linqued_workf.pngThis year we are introducing a new feature called “Linqed Workflow” which allows Clario customers to share worklists with each other.  This was driven by the number of practices that may not be ready to merge, but want to implement non-competitive practice collaborations.  This can take the form of sharing an operations center staff, covering subspecialties, overflow reading, or night/weekend coverage.  When coupled with our embedded Cloud VR, practices can dictate final reports on the other practice's Clario workflow system. 

Linqed even supports sharing worklists with several different practices.  This allows very large groups (often formed through acquisition of many practices) to offer services to their individual practices at the corporate level, while each practice controls their own workflow.  These "Multi-Practice Groups" can collaborate with each other as well, sharing out lists to provide a higher level of subspecialty care and leveraging their scale to optimize turnaround times.

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