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How to Eliminate Cherry Picking

Cherry pickingIt is well known that eliminating cherry picking of exams will reduce turnaround times, increase efficiency, and ease strained relationships between radiologists. In the 10 years we have been focusing on optimizing radiologist workflow efficiency, we have heard a lot of ideas and turned them into features.

Here are a some ways the Clario Smart Worklist can help eliminate cherry picking at your practice:

Fairly Value Radiologist Work Effort.  Ensuring all exams fairly value the radiologists work effort is the first step in addressing cherry picking. Clario provides procedure management tools for you to set your own work unit values based upon the time in dictation for the exams your practice reads. 

Build Perfect Worklists. Every radiologist should only be presented with exams they should read and the exams should be sorted in the order in which they should be read. It's not reasonable to expect the radiologists to keep track of all the exams on the list to determine what should be read next. Our worklists are built using search instead of filters and are prioritized by a very specific target TAT methodology.

Encourage Auto-next Reading Mode. This is the preferred way to fix cherry picking. In this mode, you never go back to the list. The system chooses the next exam to read, guaranteeing fairness and that the exams are being read in the right order. Clario has the only software flexible enough to read the majority in auto-next even if you have a large subspecialty practice reading for big health systems.

Monitor Behavior. Clario can record when a radiologist reads and exam that is not on the top of their worklist, as well as the exams that they "skipped" to choose that specific exam. The percentage of their exams "cherry picked" is reported, and practice leadership can dive into the data to document the problem for the offending radiologist to see.

Ask Why. Clario can force radiologists to document the reason they read an exam was read out of order. This is not only a deterrent, but operations could learn valuable information that could lead to correcting improperly ordered worklists.

Monitor Analytics. To keep cherry picking in check, you need to track everything done and have an analytics engine that can pull out the data you need.

Lastly, all practices are different and the specific techniques needed may need to be custom built or configured.  As an agile software development company, we can respond quickly to your needs.

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